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Hi Zend Community,

during the last days we worked on an example application for  
zend-expressive and were wondering if you are interested in the result?

We not only tried to serve some static pages but also tested the  
integration possibilities of our CQRS and EventSourcing components as  
well as Doctrine (DBAL and migrations) and also riot.js (by using a  
Zend\View\Helper to compile riot tags).

You can find the example app here: https://github.com/prooph/proophessor-do

We want to say thank you for zend-expressive. It is a fresh new way to  
handle http requests/responses and give you full control over every  
aspect of the application layer. It plays well together with our  
infrastructure components and due to container-interop support  
integration is a breeze.

We are going to use zend-expressive for new projects no matter if it  
is stable or not. The current implementation ships with everything we  

Great job!

Best Regards,

Sascha-Oliver Prolic, Alexander Miertsch