mvc questions - zf rc1 (related to viewrenderer)

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mvc questions - zf rc1 (related to viewrenderer)


sorry, i didn't catch on to the view being rendered by the controller_action straight away
i sub-classed zend_view and rendered that view

i'm trying to adjust to the new code before what i am relying on is deprecated

i am a relative novice, so my mind is perhaps thinking somewhere else

i have basically created a setup using the Conventional Modular directory structure, with "scripts" dir inside the views dir
my site is very simple, so i don't envisage using modules other than default, so my views dir is also in the default dir

in my IndexController, i have an indexAction() method
when i have only $this->view->var1 = 'dt'; in there
all i get is
controlleractionmoduleerror_handlerscript 'error/error.phtml' not found in path
i have to add
$this->getViewScript($this->getRequest()->getActionName(), $this->getRequest()->getControllerName()); to get it to render the template, which is called index.phtml inside the scripts dir

also, using $this->viewSuffix = 'php'; (inside indexAction) doesn't seem to do anything, it still looks for .phtml

finally, how is it possible to do something like (the files are the html templates)

i understand that is basically how modules work, but i don't want to change my url's, and i don't think modules suits what i am trying to achieve