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Hi all,

I wanted to see if we can get some momentum going on the community
modules site, I went ahead and
started a basic RFC outlining some of the key concepts of the site,
without getting too much into the technical implementations yet:

I intentionally left it very vague and simple. So feel free to ask any
questions, suggest ideas, change / add to the RFC, planning which
parts of the site could be broken off into modules, or better yet,
fork the repo and start coding. As previously mentioned, we can
install anything we want on the server, just let me know and I'll make
it happen. I'd really like this to be a *community* effort, even if
some can only contribute their ideas. I think there are a lot of
people with ideas they'd love to see in a project like this, so let's
hear everyone's ideas and make it happen.

Evan Coury

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Re: community modules site

Mike A
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Wish this had come before posted about prototypes!

Wonderful strategy worthy of applaud. ZF needs it.

Having read your post and the RFC, a few things come to mind (in no particular order).

Will there be
... a monthly "module hunt" like the bug hunt that's worked so well?
... a separate list where module modellers make momentum?
... a module "wish list"?
Who will manage the effort?
Is this inside, attributed to, or wholly separate from Zend?

There's an offer from this poster to assist, although I don't know where you'd want me to fit in ATM.