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mail not reaching list

Mike Wright
Hi all,

I'm a registered list user and have posted to the list before but my
recent posts are not making it to the list (fw-general).  I don't use
html mail and there are no links in them so I don't see how the mail
might be blocked as spam.  My mail server has never made it onto a
blacklist or been hijacked.  The From email address is a throw away.
The mailserver logs show

I'm sending this as a test to see whether the system just didn't like my
previous emails (same one, two different days) regarding a bug in the

I don't like "testing" emails but don't quite know how else to check
what may be happening.

If there is a moderator the from address is [hidden email]
and the mail timestamps are PST (pacific standard time) 3/9/2010 @ 10:47
AM and 3/10/2010 @ 7:39 AM with a subject of "bug in multipage form
example (v1.8.2)".

Sorry to the other list users for the noise :(
Mike Wright
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Re: mail not reaching list

David Muir
My emails don't get through either, so I'm using the web interface for now.
Make sure the email address you registered is identical to the one you're sending emails from.
For me the problem is that I have as the registered address, but send from