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Zend_View : getHelperPaths()

Nathan Bell-3
Hi all, I have a use for this function to be in Zend_View_Abstract

     public function getHelperPaths()
                return $this->_paths['script'];

Does anyone else desire this function, and one each for getScriptPaths
and getFilterPaths?  If so, how do I submit a patch?  Or is there a
reason this wasn't included?

Also, a minor gripe: it is nearly impossible to make useful extensions
to many of the features of Zend_View_Abstract without modifying or
replacing the class.  Has there been any consideration to making the
members 'protected' instead of 'private'?  I realize that this has
implications for accessing the variables in the render()ed view files,
but I can't find a reasonable work around to extending the class.  Is
there a technique others have used?