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ZFTool feature proposition

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Last days I was working at diagnostic tests.
I have prepared Diagnostics DiskFree & ProcessRunning test coverage for

So far I've got:

- DiskFree test class retrieving one parameter or an array of directory,
size pairs and returning results with debug info.
- tests for DiskFree
- doc section describing config options

- ProcessRunning test class with simple config (only one parameter)
- tests for ProcessRunning
- doc section
- some simple, incomplete way to handle on windows dev environment

I have already created a first, little PR:

DiskFree test class, tests & doc section.

ProcessRunning test class, tests & doc section.
Additionally added simple windows handling to run tests on my notebook.

There are some ideas that came to my mind and I would like to consult this:
- extending ProcessRunning to check remote machine
- extending ProcessRunning to retrieve an array of pid / process name to

To do or not to do this, that is the question ;)

I will be appreciated for any feedback :)

Thanks and best regards,