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ZF2: text domains for navigation

Ralf Eggert

I really like the concept of text domains for the translator. All texts
of my module "Application" use the text domain "Application". All texts
of my module "User" use the text domain "User". When I want to use the
translate() view helper I just set the text domain for the module and
everything works fine.

But now I ran into a problem when using the translator with the
navigation() view helpers. I can change the default text domain from
"default" to "Application" with now problem. But when I have a menu that
wants to display texts from different modules I cannot define the text
domain for each page of the navigation.

One idea to solve this is not to use any text domains and set all text
to the "default" text domain. When a module loads its texts than it
should add them to the "default" text domain.

What do you think? Or is there an alternative?

Best regards,


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