ZF2 - Multiple modules / applications architecture ???

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ZF2 - Multiple modules / applications architecture ???

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Hi there,

I have to write multiple "little" applications, working under the same apache server and using the same databases. I need to have a single sign on (I try to use the samsonasik's module SanAuth), the same layout for all the applications, a menu from which I can access all these apps (a little bit like the google menu with access to gmail, agenda, drive, ...), and a single way to manage the rights of the users, groups, actions, ...

How can I do this ? I mean ZF2 architecture point of view.

One application with mutliple modules ? Multiple applications alongside (but in this case how to use the single sign on, the common layout, ...) ?

I really want to use the ZF2 "how to" but I'm lost...

Thanks for your help.

Perosurac (completely new to ZF, and php framework in general)

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