ZF2: FunctionIdentifier for SQL creation

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ZF2: FunctionIdentifier for SQL creation

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Would be nice to introduce FunctionIdentifier which could kind of combines TableIndetifier and Expression.

Many customers use "SELECT * FROM schema.func($1, $2, ..)" approach where source of data is function/procedure call.

This has few benefits:
- Better encapsulation of DB code. Change your DB tables, reorganize and what-so-ever without need for PHP change.
- Better privilege management by allowing only execute privilege. You don't grant access on table level.
- Possible to work with DB in PHP: $this->DbRw->user->register($name, $email); which actually produces DB function call.

In postgres you do it like SELECT * FROM foo.bar(param1::int, param2::text);
In mysql you can do it in limited way also: CALL foo.bar(param1, param2);
Don't know about other database system.