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ZF2 Db Transactions

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Now that RC1 is out I'd like to start playing around a little more. I'm using the default example of PDO_mySQL with TableGateway to handle my database connections/tables. I've got the select,insert,update,delete working just fine...

But now I'd like to add Transactions to the mix and I cannot find any documentation about how to make this work. I see there is Zend\Db\Adapter\Driver\Pdo\Connection which holds the beginTransaction and commit/rollback functions.

So as a test I created a new Connection in my ServiceLayer

$connection = new Connection();
$connection->setConnectionParameters($connectionParameters); // DSN Array

// do some insert here
// do another insert
// update something


No errors but the inserts are actually inserted instead of being rolled-back.

Anyone have any documentation or a tutorial I can follow to make this work?