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Translating messages with context


I am using the Zend_Translate component and Gettext to prepare a website, which is currently in Spanish, to be multi-lingual (the "base" language will sill be Spanigh though). Although the actual task of translating the interface hasn't started yet and will be left to a professional translator, while testing the i18n system I have been missing a feature of the Translation component.

While gettext takes into account the possibility of having more than one translation for the same message depending on its context (msgctxt, see, Zend_Translate does not support this feature.

An example where I missed this feature is in the copy "Déjale un comentario" (Leave him/her a comment). In Spanish, the copy does not change depending on the comment receiver's genre, whereas in English it does change.

Has anyone else found this problem? If this is the case, is there an easy workaround? Is the Zend team planning to add this feature to future versions of the Translate component?

_("¡Muchas gracias!")