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SpiffyDb Documentation and Version Updated

I've updated both the documentation and version of SpiffyDb. Here's a small chunk from the documentation.

SpiffyDb extends the basic functionality of Zend_Db_Table and Zend_Db_Table_Select and includes a Model/Mapper as shown in the Zend Framework Quick Start. These new classes include a hoist of new features and automate much of the model/mapper functionality that is common to them.


    * Automatic model getter/setters using the magic method __call.
    * Validation/filtering of model values with methods such as isValid() and saveValid().
    * New get() method (and helpers) which are used to generate joined queries.
    * New methods query() and queryOne() which can be used with the new get() method to query prepared statements.
    * Much more, see below for usage.

See http://www.spiffyjr.me/sd-docs/ for the updated documentation and downloads.


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