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Secure Cookies Prevent Login

Jeff Goldstein-2
Has anyone used the directive session.cookie_secure when also using
Zend_Auth?  When enabled, everytime I try to login it fails.  Essentially
each request is treated as a new session, so even though I am properly
logged in, when I am redirected to the logged in users page, it creates a
new session and sends me to the login form again saying I am a Guest.  I
have been using Zend_Auth for several months without any problems and when
the session.cookie_secure directive is removed, it works fine.

Anyone have any ideas or run into a similar situation?

Below is just some more info in case it helps:
I have tried just using the session.cookie_secure directive in the php.ini
I have tried just using the Zend_Session::setOptions with the above
directive passed in an array.
I have tried using both the php.ini and Zend_Session::setOptions approaches
at the same time.
Zend_Session::start() is called before the plugins are registered in my
bootstrap, which means that Zend_Auth has not been called yet.

Sorry if that is long winded, just trying to post all the info!

Thanks in advance.

~ Jeff