Request For Comments: Zend_Http_Client proposal

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Request For Comments: Zend_Http_Client proposal

Shahar Evron
Hi all,

This is an official request for your comments on the new
Zend_Http_Client redesign proposal:

While the work on the Zend_Http_Client is in progress for quite some
time now, Stefan Koopmanschap and I decided that it would be best to put
a frame around the development and that the best way to do it would be
in the form of a proposal.

The goal is actually a rewrite of the Http_Client to make it more robust
and feature-rich, providing easier access to things like file uploads
and HTTP authentication, etc.

Most of the code is already written and is available in the incubator -
but as we would like to make an effort to finish as much as possible
before 0.2 - your comments are very important.

Also, help in documentation and unit testing is most welcome ;)