Reducing Open Issues in Acl, Auth, CodeGenerator, Db, Reflection & Tool

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Reducing Open Issues in Acl, Auth, CodeGenerator, Db, Reflection & Tool

Ralph Schindler-2
Hi all,

Sorry for the cross posting, but I wanted to ensure the largest possible
audience as I am asking you to take a few minutes to both read and act
upon this email.

I've decided to tackle outstanding issues on a few components that both
have a large backlog and are components that I know intimately. The
purpose is to greatly reduce the number of outstanding issues by either
fixing the issue, implementing the new feature, or (if it makes the most
sense) postponing until 2.0 time.

To achieve this, I've done a few things.  Over the past few days, I've
attempted to find issues that I knew were "Won't fix" or "Not an issue".
This still leave quite a large backlog though.  The next thing I've done
is assign all issues to myself, remove the priority, and remove the
worklog information.

This is where things get interesting, this is also where you come in.

Over the next few days, I encourage everyone to vote on the issues.
Starting tomorrow AM, I will address each issue in an order decided by
the following criteria:

   * Number Of Votes
   * Age (when it was submitted, oldest first)
   * Type (bug, improvement, new feature)

By addressing, I mean this:

   * Assign it if need be
   * Give it a priority (both Change and Fix Version)
   * Assign it a realistic due date (if possible)
   * Start a discussion on the proper list (if need be)
   * Close the issue and formally ask for a proposal

SOME issues will need further details.  If further details have not been
provided within 2 weeks after requesting more details, I'll close the
issue as "Not an issue" (reporter is free to reopen at any time).

*** The Most Important Part! ****

I will work with anyone that wants to take an issue on!  If there is
something you like, have invested interest in, or simply feel like
closing- just let me know and I will assign it over.

Theres no shortage of bugs to be squashed! :)


The Issues In Question, broken down into categories:

* Zend_Acl & Zend_Auth *

* Zend_Db and Friends *

* Zend_Tool & Friends *

Thanks in advance everyone!
Ralph Schindler