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Re: Zend_Session Proposal ver2 + Working Code

Arnaud Limbourg
I would have an optional argument $destroy to the get method for session

function get($name, $namespace = 'default', $destroy = false)

What does it bring compared to a custom session handler to support
different backends ?


Ralph Schindler wrote:

> A copy of the proposal attached below and a zip download of the 0.1
> version of the code supporting this proposal is located at
> I lack the understanding of testing sessions with PHPUnit, if anyone has
> insight in how to simulate a browser, please let me know.  My best
> attempt at testing code coverage, bugs, features, etc.. is in the usage
> example in that sections of the proposal.
> Please do let me know your thoughts and if this is being considered for
> inclusion, what more I need to do to get it into the incubator :)
> Ill have more docs on this in the somewhat near future, and I also plan
> on building a Zend_Db based adapter for Zend_Session as well.
> -ralph