Non-core contribution: Zend_Autoload

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Non-core contribution: Zend_Autoload

Ralph Schindler
I don't think this function offers much to the core but perhaps someone
might find some use in this.  I've been using this for a while to
include my models (from my RelationalObjectMapper models) as well as
other non-core includes.  When Zend_Cache becomes more stable, usable..
I plan on adding auto class caching functionality to hopefully increase
performance .. if need be.

NOTE: Zend_Config below is my simple parse_ini_file wrapper.

here is how i use it:

// Set the include path to Zend

// load the autoload class

// start the autoloader

// set the config directory

// add the paths that should be considered when autoloading
foreach (Zend_Config::getItem("framework.ini", "autoload") as

... rest of index.php - no more need for any requires/includes ...