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New proposal: Zend_Epp

Thomas Gelf
Hi list,

I spoke with Dolf Schimmel some time ago and picked up his idea to
create a ZF component for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP).
My current employer want's to contribute this library I'm currently
working on to the Zend Framwork. As we are intensively using ZF in
various projects they thought it could be a could idea to give
something back ;-)

To make it suitable for ZF I had to refacture/rearchitecture large
larts of it. Architecture is still subject to heavvy changes, however
I'm at a pretty point right now - and therefore published a first
component description yesterday:

The project is moving on quickly, I should be ready to publish some
code and use cases really soon. Right now I'd like to ask:

* Whether there is interest in such a library? Is it something ZF
  could need - or is it already too specific? I still didn't under-
  stand whether ZF wants to be a PEAR replacement - or just a MVC-
  based web-only-framework ;-)
* Whether someone wants to contribute his ideas? Right now I'm mostly
  interested in architecture-related feedback (it would probably be
  better to ask again once I published some use cases ;-)

Dolf already showed his interest and also agreed on giving me some
help once it goes to writing tests and documentation.

Best regards,
Thomas Gelf

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