New extension of Zend_Translate!

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New extension of Zend_Translate!

Baptiste Manson

For everyone experiencing headaches at translating webapps, we built
Transl8, so that even non-technical users can translate applications
seamlessly, directly from the application itself.
100% open source.

It is based upon Zend_Translate, but provide two key features:
- inline translation: just activate the Translation mode and double
click labels to translate them!
- CSV backend: CSV opens in excel, anyone can then translate
application straight forward. Maintenance is easier.

We are interested in having feedback with this. It is used by 15 of
our clients and they like it so much!

Baptiste Manson
Inovia - Paris -!/inoviateam
[hidden email]
(mobile) 00+33 6 62 13 82 18
(land)    00+33 1 75 51 37 48

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