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Most Wanted: Zend_Acl Issues

Ralph Schindler-2
Hello everyone,

With the new states added to Zend Framework issues tracker, I have
pruned and triaged Zend_Acl's issues.  You can tell them by the icon
that looks like this:


in the link below:

There are several issues listed (about 7) that sound like reasonable
requests or need further exploration, but are outside the scope of the
ZF Dev Team to work on.

If anyone would like to take them on, please let me know and we can work
together on a resolution.

Some of them include:

* Zend_Acl::Zend_Acl_Resource - equal childs for different parents
* Add methods to get defined roles, resources, rules
* Allow roles to be entered in array format in isAllowed
* Database Driven ACL
* add method to get parent resource and methods get all parents of roles
or resources
* Support adding parent(s) to existing Role
* Zend_Acl : debug for inheritance of rules : get source from used rule

While I encourage anyone to take what they find interesting, you can
also see what might be higher priority by looking at the votes column to
see how many people would be waiting on such a feature.

I'll be in, or reply to this thread if you'd like to take
something on.