Looking for a great PHP,Zend Dev

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Looking for a great PHP,Zend Dev

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Hi everyone, this is my first post in this group hence apologies in advance for any faux pas.

One of the hottest, well funded, revenue generating, growing startups in the bay area (website security) is seeking an experienced PHP programmer for work on an existing Zend system. Knowledge of PHP, object-oriented programming, and MVC best practices a must. Must be a champ at handling SVN and resolving conflicting checkins.

Preference given to local candidates in the Bay-Area California region who can attend on-site meetings as needed. This is currently a contract position that could lead to full time work. We are **very** interested in bringing on someone full time - but want to absolutely make sure they work well with our existing team - hence the contract position for the time being. We encourage and help potential employees, once an offer has been accepted to move to San Francisco, if required.

Interested applicants should send, in the body of an email:
• examples and descriptions of recent projects you've completed (highlight Zend, SVN, solving a scalability issue is a plus)
• info on your experience with Zend
• your resume
• your hourly rate
• your available start date -- we are looking to fill this position quickly

Qualified candidates will be interviewed in San Francisco or via video chat/phone call.

Please email back to : the_biggestbang_theory_@_gmail_._c_o_mmm (replace multiple m with 1 m to get com, and remove the underscores)

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Re: Looking for a great PHP,Zend Dev