Looking at options for dashboard widgets

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Looking at options for dashboard widgets

Andrew Ballard
I was looking at the ActionStack as an option for rendering dashboard type
widgets on the site index. It seems to work OK except that all of the
widgets are rendered below any other content. I have tried a using the
Action view helper embedded in my view script where I want these items to
appear to call an dashboard index action that builds the ActionStack. I
have also tried manually calling the view renderer using explicit segment
names to use in my view script, but those either do not show at all or they
render at the bottom of the page still.

My idea was to have a DashboardController where each widget is a separate
action within the controller. If called an action is called explicitly I
could render a more detailed view of the information. The indexAction would
build an ActionStack where each controller action would render a basic
version of each widget that a user is authorized to view. Is this
consistent with the intention of these features? Is there a better way to
do this? How do I get the rendered content to appear in a specific place
within my view script?