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I've rewritten my SpiffyDb library but before I release it I'm needing to do a bit more testing and get input on what I've done. The new version is based on the Zend_Db_Gateway proposal by Eran Galperin and includes a hoist of new features over the previous release such as model validation/filtering, a rewritten join system, and an easier to use more customizable model data map.

I would appreciate it if the community (you!) could take a peak and offer any criticism or glaring issues that may exist. The full documentation can be found at and I will do my best to finish testing and release a version before the end of the week.

Thanks in advance,

Kyle Spraggs (SpiffyJr)

P.S. I apologize is for some reason a double-post occurs. My e-mail seems to be wonky when submitting to the mailing list so I've resorted to using Nabble instead.
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