Including BDD/TDD in the skeleton

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Including BDD/TDD in the skeleton

Marco Pivetta
Hi there!

There has been some discussion in the past about the Skeleton Application being too heavy-weight, so this proposal will be like a kick for those who would like to see it stipped down even further.

I opened a pull request at suggesting to use BDD in the skeleton application as a good practice.

I myself am just getting started with it, but I strongly believe that we should, as an elite group of developers, encourage good practices in the PHP ecosystem.

The idea is simple:

 - SkeletonApplication -> BDD (features)
 - Modules -> TDD (unit tests)

The idea is to be able to run some simple tests immediately after installation. There would be some advantages:

 - Pushing forward PHP 5.4 (tests would be immediate with the embedded PHP server)
 - We can troubleshoot problems on weird installations - we always had those for the skeleton, and since the skeleton is vital for ZF2, we'd reduce the number of "frustrating first-installs" by a lot
 - We can automate things even further, by making one-command installers that do a self-test (much like `make`)

I kindly ask for one thing here: please keep the heavyweight/lightweight skeleton out of discussion here. That's eventually good for another thread.

Please let me know if I'm just having problems because of too much sun on my head yesterday :)