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sorry for my bad English. I'll try to be as clear as possible.

I had set the Zend_Cache backend options called 'cacheDir' to a relative path:
'../application/tmp/' instead of './tmp/' as chown in the manual.
Troubles begin with the Zend_Cache_Core save() method, when setting the
'automaticCleaningFactor' frontend option to 1 or higher. ZF wasn't able to find the
file to render after using this method. The Zend_Cache_Core clean() wasn't functionnal
without error msg.

I take a look at the /Zend/Cache/backend/File.php _clean() method -line 355- and find the
origin of this trouble on line 366 with this test:
 if (is_file($file2)) where $file2 is the path of the file to delete. The _clean() method can't find
the file with a relative path and return true even in this case -line 361.

With an absolute path everything is well now.
Maybe it's a good idea:
- to add a line in the manual;
- not to return true that way.

I hope that I did not make you waste your time.

Best regards. 
Pierre-Yves DELETTRE<[hidden email]>