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Dev Server

Its back up and running, php5 is installed with packages that where
recently done for ensim so it its a bit smoother although people may
have to custom compile extensions they need, If you see any major
extension needed for testing let me know and I can see if I can
compile and install it across all domains.

This should solve a few of the minor problems that where happening so
maybe this is all for the better..

All sites have been reloaded, if your site seems to be missing files
let me know and I will reload your backup.

File outside of the virtual domains, like crons setup under root can
be found in /root/OLDDRIVE

php 4 is not installed, its all php5 now, no need to go hunting in
/usr/local/php5, Check out the  above link to see the new paths.

Im sure there will be some things that will pop up, please understand
I am a bit busy and will get to it as time is available ;)