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DbTable Authentication

Joseph Crawford

I have my authentication adapter working properly but I need to know  
if there is a way to make it join tables.

I ask because we have an isp_partners table and an isp_partners_aux  
table.  Generally using Zend_Db_Table I would create a relationship  
for the tables and call findParentRowset() or findDependentRowset()  
however since the Zend_Auth Db_Table adapter returns the identity as a  
stdObj I cannot do that.

We have it seperated because the username/pass and other data that  
some apps do not need access to is stored in the isp_partners_aux  
however the ISP name/code etc is in the isp_partners table and I would  
like to have the combined data be stored in the identity.

I thought of creating a view in our database for this however some of  
our database servers do not support views as they have yet to be  
upgraded so that is not an option at the current time.

Joseph Crawford