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Contributors/Maintainers guides

Hi, all --

One of the key reasons to split the components is to allow us to open
up commit access to more community members. This is a far easier
proposition with individual components than with the full framework.

To that end, I've been working on documentation and tools for
maintainers. What I need at this time is for folks to review what I've
written and make sure:

- you can understand it
- processes are clear

This information is in a dedicated repository:


(Be aware, however, that the file is really only
relevant to the Zend and CR teams.)

I'll be gradually adding some tips and tricks to this over time (such
as git aliases I use, and tools I integrate), but need some initial
feedback now, before we put out a call for maintainers.


Matthew Weier O'Phinney
Principal Engineer
Project Lead, Zend Framework and Apigility
[hidden email]
PGP key: