Code freeze for 1.8 is Friday!

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Code freeze for 1.8 is Friday!


OK, now that I have your attention, code freeze for 1.8 isn’t really Friday. But it should be. J


That is to say, we’re getting pretty close, and soon I will try something new and actually tell you when the release date is. ;) It a safe bet that it will be within a month or so.


That means that if you have a proposal in the standard or extras incubators that you want to get in to 1.8, you should finish it ASAP. I’ve cleaned up both areas and left messages on the proposals that have a chance of getting in to 1.8, and I noticed someone graciously sorted the extras and standard incubator proposals in to the right categories (my money is on Matthew). Take a look at these and please decide which ones you’ll finish for 1.8 in the next few days. You don’t have to tell anyone, just get them done. J


On a related note, we’ll be making a print-on-demand version of our ref guide available through our publishing partner, Apress. They would like to have all the 1.8 documentation completed by 3/31 so that we know how long the book will be. Since it’s also just generally a good idea, please finish your docs by this date and check them in. They don’t have to be perfect- and I’ll always help with English grammar for anyone who requests it- but you could help us a lot by committing a rough draft by this deadline.


Things are going to start getting pretty exciting in the next few weeks. I hope everyone is looking forward to it as much as I am. J