Beginning regular ZF3 updates via Hangouts On Air

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Beginning regular ZF3 updates via Hangouts On Air

Hey all!

In an effort to start stirring up some interest, excitement, and
overall activity surrounding ZF3, the Roave team has decided to start
hosting regular Hangouts On Air about the latest developments and
progress of ZF3.

Our goal is to make this a great resource for everyone in the
community keep current on the latest progress of #ZF3 in a fun,
entertaining, and informative way.

The first hangout will feature Matthew Weier O'Phinney, ZF project
lead, and will be held on Nov 6th at 15:00 UTC (remember this is after
DST changes).

This is a 100% free and open online event. Please RSVP on G+ if you're
interested and help spread the word by retweeting and sharing!


RSVP / G+ event page:


Evan Coury