Apigility 1.0.3 released, with SECURITY FIXES

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Apigility 1.0.3 released, with SECURITY FIXES

Hello, all!

Fast on the heels of Apigility 1.0.2, we're releasing 1.0.3. This
release contains a security fix for DB-Connected REST services; if you
are using DB-Connected REST services, we recommend upgrading

The fastest and easiest way to upgrade is using composer:

    composer update
    # or
    php composer.phar update

Look to see that zf-apigility is updated to version 1.0.2 (the
official Apigility release version is tagged against
zf-apigility-skeleton; individual modules, including zf-apigility, are
versioned separately).

You can read full details of the release here:

- http://framework.zend.com/blog/apigility-1-0-3-released.html

and full details of the security advisory here:

- http://framework.zend.com/security/advisory/AG2014-01

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