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Anticipatory 'Porting' to ZF

Nick Lo
I've noticed quite a few of the inevitable when will the ZF be, or is  
it currently ready to use in production and these occasionally become  
discussions about specific elements and I'm curious as to if and how  
people are changing any of their current work in an anticipation for  
incorporating the ZF?

I, for example, have updated my system to use many of the conventions  
mentioned in the Zend_Controller section of the manual, such as; the  
front controller, Class_Name_To_Directories, directory structuring,  
file naming, etc. The hosting providers I'm using have not yet  
upgraded to php5 and my own system is still based on php4 code so it  
is a good point for me to be making changes anyway.

I'd be quite interested to hear of the approaches others are taking,  
partly with regards to which elements or conventions are seen as  
stable/less likely to change too much, etc.