Announcing the Zend Framework 3 Roadmap

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Announcing the Zend Framework 3 Roadmap

The Zend Framework team has announced a high-level overview of their
plans for Zend Framework 3 today.


The plans include:

- Separating components into individual, versioned projects.
- Updating the existing full-stack MVC framework to depend on the newly
  independent components for better reuse and simplicity. ZF2 MVC
  applications will have a documented upgrade path to ZF3 requiring
  minimal changes.
- Embracing middleware runtime patterns as a lighter weight
  alternative to the enterprise MVC framework stack.
- Enabling Apigility to work as a middleware stack, for better
  performance and simplicity, with the same streamlined, powerful user
- Optimizing for PHP 7, but supporting PHP 5.5 onwards.

Read the full announcement for more details, and keep an eye on the Zend
Framework blog for future posts that dive into technical details.

Matthew Weier O'Phinney
Principal Engineer
Project Lead, Zend Framework and Apigility
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