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Adding functionality and updating EmailLists/Groups

James Ellis-5
Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on something which requires the added
functionality from EmailLists/Groups which would allow me to alter the
permissions of who can send messages to the list after the list is
created, and possibly upon creation. In addition to that, I require the
ability to add and remove owners from email lists. I have no problem
adding this functionality in myself, in fact that is the plan at this
moment, but I didn't want to go through with that if someone else is
already working on it.

In addition, there have been some changes to the Google Apps
Provisioning API recently which involves a different format for the
request URLs and the xml which is returned. So, long story short, if
anyone is already working on this stuff or anyone can give me hints on
how to go about adding this functionality in, that would be greatly

Thanks in advance,
James Ellis